Sofa/Carpet Cleaning

A living room at your house or a waiting room in your office feels almost incomplete without the mention of a sofa and a carpet. So to have these key players ever shining and always welcoming, monthly cleaning is almost mandatory.

We at Kleaners understand this requirement and our professional cleaning service will bring it to you at your door steps in NOIDA. Once our service is done we guarantee you a shining and spotless sofa-carpet combo, that looks fresh out of the store. Our experienced kleaning buddies make use of their carefully designed equipments and gentle yet effective, eco-friendly cleaning products that provide you a one stop cleaning solution for your sofa and carpets.
So, whenever you think of sofa cleaning, think of Kleaners Professional Cleaning Service. Reach us online at or you can call us at +91-120 4159427.

Our service includes:

  1. Dry vacuuming of Sofa and carpet
  2. Scrubbing of sofa/carpet with Eco-friendly Cleaning products
  3. Sanitization of Sofa/Carpet
  4. Vacuuming and drying
  5. Polishing and conditioning of leather sofas

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