Office Cleaning

An office is the presentation of a business. It shows the status of your business and for this you spend a fortune to make it lavish. For this to stay forever as it is maintenance of it at regular interval should be done.
Kleaners brings to a office space deep cleaning for your work spaces.

Our Workspace Cleaning Service includes:

  • Office furniture cleaning
    ✔️ Chair deep cleaning
    ✔️ Sofa deep cleaning
    ✔️ Workstations/table cleaning
  • Floor deep cleaning
    ✔️ Scrubbing and polishing of floor
    ✔️ Tiles, granite, marble and wooden floor
    ✔️ Floor carpet and Decorative carpet Deep cleaning
  • Pantry deep cleaning
  • Windows and glass partitions (glass cabins) cleaning
  • Washroom deep cleaning

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