Living Room Cleaning

The living room is a key area of your home. Whether it’s guests coming over during Diwali or your friends crashing over to play a few games or a basic get together, where you enjoy a party or watch T.V., the living room brings everyone together. Be it even a regular day where you love to share snacks over tea/coffee with family or guests. It’s a matter of time when you realize that the dust and grime have started to settle on your upholstery, sofa fabric or the leather grooves of your furniture.

Kleaners is a dedicated home cleaning service provider in Noida and an expert in providing exceptional Living Room Cleaning Service.

At Kleaners, we take it on us to make sure every corner of your living room is sparkling clean, well maintained and exceptionally tidy. We understand that your dedication to your work, might at times not permit you to look after the cleaning of your living room thoroughly. Just ask for a call back and we will present you a free estimate to clean your living room.

Our Living Room Cleaning Services include:

  1. All areas hand dusted
  2. Floor scrubbing, cleaning and polishing
  3. Tile floors swept and mopped
  4. Carpeted floors vacuumed
  5. Lightings fixtures cleaned (only accessible ones), Ceiling fan dusting and cobwebs removal
  6. Windows/window sills and doors cleaning
  7. All glass surfaces and mirrors cleaned
  8. All picture frames dusted
  9. Upholstery vacuuming

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