Kitchen Cleaning Services

A healthy meal is the key to a healthy life. Ever wondered when did you last clean your kitchen thoroughly? Daily cooking and frequent footfalls ask for a rigorous kitchen cleaning. Appliances might sometimes add to your worries, as they occupy space which further makes it inaccessible to clean areas below and around them. The accumulated dirt from our daily cooking activities makes your kitchen unhygienic and in turns your health prone to risk.

Your kitchen requires regular deep cleaning. Even after dusting and mopping frequently, there are areas in your kitchen which are inaccessible and can attract bacterial infestation with unwanted guests such as insects, flies and rodents.

We suggest you keep aside your valuable time for more productive tasks, and call Kleaners to experience the best kitchen cleaning service in Noida and make your kitchen a safe and healthy place for you and your family. With our kitchen cleaning service you can get a clear picture of how experts trace and remove even the thinnest layers of dirt that might have deposited on your kitchen countertops and cabinets. We thoroughly clean and wipe-out every single crumb from the most remote corners of your kitchen. We sanitize and descale your sink, areas under the sink and even the taps to make it look as if you were using it for the first time. As our kleaning buddies are experienced in cleaning kitchen appliances, you can be assured that they will hygienically deep clean it, remove grease stains & spots, ultimately reassembling it after the task is completed.

Our professional kitchen cleaning service will make your kitchen sparkle again. We make sure that all fingerprints, stains and smudges are properly cleaned. So go ahead and schedule a visit from our service professionals. We are available at your convenient day and suitable time slots to choose from. Everyone should be entitled to enjoy a fresh and hygienic kitchen, without the trouble of cleaning it with our best kitchen cleaning service.

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services include:

  1. Removing all dust and oil element from light fixtures, switchboards and exhaust
  2. Cleaning of Windows, Doors and Glass from inside and outside (if accessible)
  3. Inside and Outside cleaning of Refrigerator and Microwave Oven
  4. Windows and window sills cleaning
  5. Fans and exhaust fans cleaning
  6. Wall tiles cleaned and sanitized
  7. Degreasing of hob/stove, and chimney
  8. Scrubbing and sanitization of counters and wash basin area
  9. Cleaning of tiles and backsplash
  10. Floors scrubbing and mopping

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