Festival Cleaning

Festival are when our loved ones spend time with each other. That time of the year, set aside to enjoy and have fun with your near and dear ones. Make your home, vacation ready while keeping yourself free for more important errands. Make the best of your holiday by celebrating joy and happiness. Give your body the much needed rest and rejuvenate yourself to enjoy the most precious moments of your life.

At Kleaners, we understand the numerous tasks that a homemaker looks after, even during the holidays. Given the list of chores, a homemaker can never find adequate amount of rest. Kleaners wants you to enjoy these festivals and holidays; with your family and the loved ones, while leaving behind the worries of cleaning your house.

We understand that these occasions are meant to be a joyful and celebratory time, so don’t burden yourself worrying about cleaning your home. Call Kleaners, the best home cleaning services in Noida to take care of all your cleaning worries. While you dedicate your time, enjoying with the guests and family.

We can take over all your cleaning hassles, so as to ensure that you spend your time enjoying the company of your guests, relatives or friends. You can trust Kleaners’ Deep Cleaning Services in Noida to come in and handle all the not-so-fun cleaning, so your family can enjoy a peaceful day carrying out other productive activities. Get your free quote now and schedule your holiday cleaning from our convenient time slots.

Our Holiday Cleaning Services includes:

  1. Dusting, scrubbing and mopping the floor
  2. Cleaning of windows, doors and gates
  3. Cleaning of stairs
  4. Cleaning of furniture including table, chairs and beanbags
  5. Cleaning and mopping of kitchen
  6. Cleaning of bathrooms
  7. Cleaning your storeroom
  8. Exterior Cleaning of cupboards, wardrobes and drawers.

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