Chimney Cleaning

When cleaning the kitchen, our first instinct is to clean dirt that is visible and dust off the other areas. But have you ever thought about how dirty your chimney could be?

Your chimney can often develop a coat of oil grease and gradually clog the filter. This in turn might jam the suction leading to increased power consumption. Overtime, this oil grease liquefies and gets deposited as oil drops at the surface of the filter. Thus, becoming a threat to your cooking hygiene. Timely chimney cleaning service not only cleans it, but also extends its operational life.

We at Kleaners understand the importance of the issue at hand. Just by making use of our professional chimney cleaning service, you can relax and enjoy your cooking while leaving your concerns to us. Our Kleaning buddies bring to you the best chimney cleaning service in Noida. Making use of steam cleaning and kitchen-friendly cleaning and degreasing products, we clean your chimney from the inside as well as from the outside. With our best in class chimney cleaning service, you will not only make your chimney run smoothly and efficiently, also getting rid of all the smoke and odour

Our Chimney Cleaning includes:

  1. External cleaning of chimney
  2. Filter degreasing and cleaning
  3. Internal degreasing and cleaning

You can avail our services in our specially designed packages or you can choose one separately. Click for your free quote or call Kleaners today for the best chimney cleaning service in Noida.

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