Car Cleaning

A man’s car is his second most valuable possession after his house. Recent studies have stated that it is also the second most unhygienic place to be in. Dust is not the only worry now. With increasing levels of pollution, the car cabin has become a serious threat to health of your family and specifically of children and elderly.

A superficial wash and wipe everyday does not take care of all the problems. Kleaners professional car cleaning service and car detailing service is the single stop for all car cleaning related problems. Our car cleaning service comes to you at your door step and with specialized eco-friendly chemicals we deliver a totally sanitized car cabin.

“All it takes is a Miss call @ +91-78383 71034 and we will take care of the rest. We only need your car keys and power supply to deliver you a clean and sparkling car cabin”

Our Car Cleaning Service includes:

  • Interior Deep Cleaning

🚘 Dashboard Cleaning
✔️ Scrubbing, steam Cleaning and polishing
✔️ Center console cleaning
 ✔️ Steering cleaning
🚘 Fabric Seats
✔️ Dry vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing, drying with spray and extracting machine
🚘 Leather Seats
✔️ Dry vacuuming, scrubbing, drying and conditioning
🚘 Foot Mat Cleaning
✔️ Dry vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing, drying
🚘 Floor Carpet Cleaning
✔️ Dry vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing, drying
🚘 Boot Space cleaning
🚘 Roof cleaning
🚘 Doors Cleaning
🚘 Door trim cleaning and polishing
🚘 Window glass cleaning (in/out) hydrophobic treatment (Optional)

  • Windshield Hydrophobic Treatment
  • Tire cleaning and Tire Dressing

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