Bedroom Cleaning

A sound sleep is all we want after a hectic day. Studies indicate that a clean and tidy surrounding can help you achieve a good night’s sleep instantly. Noida is witnessing climatic changes with frequent dust storms and high levels of smog. New construction sites are adding to the woes of existing pollution. At Kleaners, we want to make sure that you have a good sleep at night and you wake up fresh every morning. To keep your sleep cycles intact our bedroom cleaning service is a must for every household.

We want you to enjoy your valuable time with your family, friends and loved ones without having to worry about spending it on your cleaning needs. Kleaners delivers the best Bedroom Cleaning Service in Noida. We can transform your bedroom into a fresh, clean and tidy space which you always wanted it to be. With adequate tools and machines our expert Kleaning Buddies apply specially formulated, eco-friendly cleaning agents and furniture polish in our bedroom cleaning process which let you have a fresh feeling when you enter in again.

Our Bedroom cleaning service includes floor treatment. Weather it is a vitrified tile, granite or a wooden floor we make it good as new.

Kleaners picks up from where your everyday cleaning leaves off. One or the other individual from your home has to adjust their responsibilities as they take care of the cleaning requirements. At Kleaners we want to relieve them from these time consuming and often tiring, cleaning tasks. Ask for services from Kleaners to take over bedroom cleaning for you.

Our Bedroom Cleaning Services include:

  1. Dry and wet mopping of tiles and floor
  2. Dusting of wall pictures, electronics, tables, chairs and drawers
  3. Vacuuming mattress, pillows and carpets
  4. Removing cobwebs
  5. Cleaning ceiling fans
  6. Cleaning and vacuum of sitting chairs, side tables, upholstery
  7. Cleaning of light fixtures (Only accessible ones) and lamp shades
  8. Polishing of wooden furniture
  9. Mattress vacuuming
  10. Windows/Window sills and mirrors cleaning

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