Bathroom Cleaning

A bathroom is one of the most frequented places of a house. In addition to the usual tasks of cleaning, the hard water problem in Noida is a major cause for degradation of bathroom fittings and also one of the reasons behind defaced countertops and wall tiles. The water marks on the mirror are persistent, and with every passing day it becomes tougher to clean it. The soap scums, hand wash stains and additional sludge give your bathroom a dull and mundane look. The calcification on your taps, faucets and showers can make their life short and even unattractive.

Apart from this, your bathroom could be a breeding ground for various germs or bacteria that might lead to health problems such as diarrhea, nausea and fatigue. We, at Kleaners take care of all your cleaning hassles to make your bathroom healthy and germ-free. We use products which are pH neutral and will make your sanitary items hygienic and clean. Our expert cleaning team gives your bathroom a shiny new look and also sanitizes it with eco-friendly cleaning products. We use steam deep cleaning which is excellent for removing bacteria, germs and viruses. Steam removes any toxic residue, as it kills bacteria and cleans dirt right from the surface.

We use a 100% environment friendly products. Our highly professional and experienced staff will make sure that you don’t have to worry about hygiene at all. We are just a click or a call away. So get your quote, for an effective, sanitized and sparkling clean bathroom.

Our Bathroom Cleaning Services include:

  1. Steam cleaning of Sinks, Bathtub, WC and Shower Cubicles
  2. Removing Rugs and Hair clogging drains
  3. WC and Flush Cleaning
  4. Floor scrubbing
  5. Windows and mirrors cleaning
  6. Fans and exhaust fans cleaning
  7. Cleaning and descaling of Taps, Faucets, Shower, Soap Holder, Toilet Roll
  8. Holder and Tubs
  9. Cleaning Sink & Shower Cubicles
  10. Steaming cleaning and polishing of Wall Tiles
  11. Cleaning of Mirrors, Washroom Windows, Door, Cabinets, Counter Tops
  12. Cleaning of glass doors and Glass partitions

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