About Us

We provide customized home cleaning services, currently in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Armed with a team of verified and trained professionals, we offer top of the line service with guaranteed satisfaction to our customers.

With professional cleaning services tailored according to the needs and requirements of the people of Noida, Kleaners encourages homeowners to customize their cleaning needs and choose from a variety of options. Keeping in mind that cleaning is all about the tools and technique used in the process, our teams are composed of the most thoroughly trained experts, equipped with leading-edge equipment. Also, we work with the mildest cleaning agents. Ones, which are gentle, yet effective and eco friendly. Thus, not just cleaning but also sanitizing the area. While you’re at it, do take note that Kleaners isn’t limited to these services. We are always open to cater to your cleaning needs and customize it according to your request. Just give us a call or click here!